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If you question has been answered please go to your first post and use the Edit button, and add [Solved] to the start of the title. You can also select the green tick icon. Ubuntu Re: [Solved] How to apply different headers on different pages? I wrote the tutorial on ceffyl.

Add or edit headers and footers in Word for Mac

I'll also add in links to the articles posted here. My particular problem was I had to write a paper in APA format, with different text in the page one header than the following headers. After reading what was posted hear I was able to fix it. Go to the page one header. I selected the text too.

Then on the toolbar there is a drop down menu that says the name of the style, make sure it says, "header. On the toolbar select "header left" and make your changes. This should preserve the first page header as unique. Hope this helps.

I cannot seem to resolve this by using the Apply Styles or using left and right header. My header simply reverts to page 1 just as the other users have said. I have tried higlighting all of the text on my 2nd header and selecting "Header left" on the 2nd header - but as soon as I do that, the 1st header also goes to "Header left" instead of maintaining a unique style for the first header Please help!

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  • Anne Marie OpenOffice v. Apache OpenOffice 4. Check the "Different first page" box if you just want a different header or footer on the first page.

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    This box is also useful when you want headers and footers on every page except the first. Check the "Different odd and even" box to use different headers or footers on facing pages, as is done in most books.


    Can anyone please post simple instruction,. In OpenOffice page headers and footers are part of the Page Style, not the text. Last edited by thomasjk on Sun Jan 20, am, edited 1 time in total. Reason: Edited to remove live link. You always get the one guy that has about a thousand more questions about your operating system, etc etc but still has not solution for you.

    It's so freaking annoying. If you do not know what the person is talking about then you probably do not have the solution. So, here is how you solve this particular issue in the simplest terms possible for everyone who is not a computer nerd.

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    Now was that so hard to answer?? Click the Page button on the Ribbon to display the Page Numbers dialog, which you can use to choose alignment and formatting options for your page numbers. To exit Header and Footer view, choose a view from the views listed in the topmost group of the View menu, or double-click the document body. You can also click the small Close button below the Header or above the Footer area. You may want to format your Header or Footer to display Page of. To make this custom format starting without a Header or Footer style, do the following:.

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    How to Combine Word Documents & Maintain Different Headers | ankonmed.com.ua

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