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  1. Soundstage fleetwood mac live in boston part 1 2
  2. Fleetwood Mac get mixed reviews from fans at Wembley Stadium comeback shows - Smooth
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Soundstage fleetwood mac live in boston part 1 2

Location: Sydney Australia. The only legit release concert vid of the Rumours Lineup. Most of the big songs are there, and having seen them "in the flesh" from about half a mile away last year, it was good to see them in their younger days on this dvd. They are much more energetic than in the recent "Live In Boston" release, but Mirage 82 doesn't show Buckingham at his manic best. This was formerly available on video and it looks as though they have just copied the old vhs to dvd and left it at that!

The video is grainy and dark, the sound is muddy 2. Watching this through the eyes of mediocre 80's production lends some nostalgia, but on the distance shots and there are enough of them you can't see a damn thing. You may as well be in row ZZ The extras are 6 Stevie Nicks solo film clips. I forgot she had her poodle phase.

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  • Fleetwood Mac get mixed reviews from fans at Wembley Stadium comeback shows.

Man that hair is amazing!!! Also with grainy pic and muddy sound. Fun to see them again after all these years, especially the cameos, but I don't think it would have cost them too much to clean all this up and make it look and SOUND a little bit nicer! If they were going to put some extras on it, leave the Stevie vids for their own DVD along with all the rest of them , and put some 70's tv performances Midnight Special, the Rosebud performance or the Tusk documentary as a bonus instead.

I think that would have made more sense. Maybe I expected too much, it was the early 80's after all Location: Kirkharle, Northumberland. There is a lot of Tusk tour rehearsal footage 'out there' also Temporary One; 6. Big Love; 7. Landslide; 8.

Fleetwood Mac Live in Cologne 2015 - Complete Concert

Say You Love Me; 9. Silver Springs; Go Your Own Way; Oh Well; 3. Blow By Blow; 4. Say You Love Me complete ; 9. Go Your Own Way.

Fleetwood Mac get mixed reviews from fans at Wembley Stadium comeback shows - Smooth

Promo "Tusk", 3. Promo "Hold Me", 5. Live Promo "Sara", 4. Promo "Gypsy", 5. Promo "Seven Wonders", 7. Promo "Peacekeeper", This is the early fleetwood mac, so if you are a Peter Green fan this is a must. Not all songs here are performance pieces Black Magic Woman; 2. Heart Beat Like A Hammer; 3.

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Shake Your Moneymaker; 4. I'm Worried; 5. Like It This Way; 6. World Keep On Turning; 7. Stop Messing Around; 8.


Albatross; 9. Need Your Love So Bad; Man Of The World; Like Crying; Linda; Oh Well; Rattlesnake Shake; Green Manalishi. Opening, 2. Say You Love Me, 3. The Chain, 4. Don't Stop, 5. Dreams, 6. Oh Well, 7. Rhiannon, 8. Oh Daddy, 9. What Makes You Think, Not That Funny, 2. Never Going Back Again, 3. Landslide, 4. Tusk, 5. Angel, 6.


You Make Loving Fun, 7. I'm So Afraid, 8. World Turning, 9.

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Go Your Own Way; Encores: Sisters Of The Moon, Not That Funny; 5. Oh Well; 7. Oh Daddy; 9. Save Me A Place; Tusk; Angel; You Make Loving Fun; I'm So Afraid; 68 min ;. DISC 2: 1. World Turning; 2. Go Your Own Way; 3. Sisters Of The Moon; 4. Blue Letter; 5. Don't Stop; 8. Rhiannon; 9. Love in Store; Never Going Back Again; Brown Eyes; Sarah; Hold Me; 72 min. Station Man; 2. Spare Me A Little; 3.

Rhiannon; 4. Landslide; 5. I'm So Afraid; 6. World Turning; 7. Don't Let Me Down Again; 8. Say You Love Me; 2. Isn't It Midnight; 5. Everywhere; 6. Seven Wonders; 8.