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Or - does the file behave exactly like the other formats mp3, m4a , in all aspects? In short? No idea, honestly! This is how iTunes treats all the "foreign" file formats, XiphQT-supported amongst them, in its mysterious internals.

iBook m6497 - OS X 10.3.9 - iTunes

Please see the first question in this section for a longer explanation. XiphQT doesn't even come near any audio output device. Basically all it does is it gets a handful of compressed audio data bits and decompresses them, when asked to do so, returning a slightly bigger handful of decompressed, raw audio sample bits to whomever asked XiphQT to perform that decompression task. For some reason iTunes doesn't treat all the audio compression formats equally.

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Not as such. While XiphQT support for network ogg streams has lately v. However, those routines see every network stream as an 'MPEG audio stream'. Obviously, this can not work with streams which are not MPEG audio streams. Such as ogg streams, for example. What can I do?

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You can check if the filenames of those files are longer than 63 characters. If they are, shortening the filenames may solve the problem.

Special Report: Troubleshooting Mac OS X - CNET

This is an acknowledged limitation of the recent QuickTime releases. Home xiph. What are "Xiph frameworks"? Do I need to install them? After installation on OS X Select "Show Files" from the "File" menu or use Command-I - it will display a list of files the installer copies to your machine during installation. Delete those files do not delete non-empty directories, though. Quit the installer. Difficult to find oldest versions throught the web.

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But that would not be for a popular Mac software Otherwise, Windows versions are current. At least, I've found a lot of versions from 7. You can dl these versions from this page.

XiphQT Frequently Asked Questions.

With versions from SkyCapt, this page could be quickly filled I think the "reorder items" feature can't work with a iDevice, a phone or a tablet not with mine at least. Unless you have magic fingers When I tap the moveicon, it highlights that dL yellow, but I don't know how to drag it on my upload device, dragging my finger makes the screen scroll, no items move. This page was setup originally with "final gold releases" in mind, but you might know better such as maybe version 2.

WRT moving files. It's only when they are on different pages that we need to download and reupload, if necessary. Within the same page it's not a problem. Use this to drag files up or down in the list to reorder them in a page. All logged-in members can use this feature not just admins.

I've collected many iTunes installers.

I have all for OSX 1. Notes: iTunes older than v4.

Special Report: Troubleshooting Mac OS X 10.3.9

I'm requesting v4. And I'll like any v4. How will the list of downloads maintain numerical order? Hi, and its a good suggestion.

I moved the 2. It looks like there are a few more iTunes pages for classic already created tho'.

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I was thinking about two pages for milestone particularly. That's only a suggestion for avoiding multiple pages Is there an interest to have the version 2. Hi MacTouch. On closer inspection This one is an official Apple release with the correct install package. The one on the other page also has a correct installer but has been custom repackaged and is not an official Apple release.

Both are for the US English versions 2.