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If you click the Allow now button, you will encounter this problem again when visiting other web pages that use Java. If a web page with Java Uploader or Downloader displays correctly, but does not upload or download chosen files, this may mean two things:. The first thing you should try is to make sure that you have the latest Java. While opening a page with Java Uploader or Downloader you may see the following security dialog with the warning message in the yellow box:.

This means that the web page uses the old version of Upload Suite or File Downloader. You should report this security dialog as a potential problem to the support team of the website you are working with. While opening a page with Java Uploader or Downloader you may see the error message saying "Your security settings have blocked an application signed with an expired or not-yet-valid certificate from running" :.

The best solution is to contact the website owners and let them know about the problem so that they updated their copy of the uploader. However if you need to upload files urgently, the following temporary solutions are possible:. Reducing the security level may make your computer more vulnerable and it is not recommended until emergency.

For a short period of time, enterprise customers of Firefox have the ability to subscribe to Firefox Extended Support Release which will allow them to continue in browser FileCatalyst Applet usage.

We strongly recommend that our Java applet users migrate to this new application. If you would like more information on deployment and usage of TransferAgent, please contact your FileCatalyst Sales Representative or submit a ticket in our FileCatalyst Support Portal.

Enable or Disable Java in Firefox - Enable or Disable Java in Firefox - Answers

With our upcoming release of FileCatalyst Direct v3. I told you right in the beginning I didn't want any Windows solutions! The people who answer questions here, for the most part, are other Firefox users volunteering their time like me , not Mozilla employees or Firefox developers. Please treat all of our volunteers with respect. Please treat me with respect.

Testing Java

I'm not stupid. I asked a question and I expect either an answer to the question, or no answer at all. Thank you for your efforts and let's hold this till tomorrow while we read and reread the question. Note to ComputerWhiz: I did that already. After I renamed the file, the Java preferences icon did not appear in the System Preferences window. Then I reinstalled the JRE from the downloaded file. No help.

What should I tell the Java support team? That I don't know why Firefox doesn't recognize their plugin? It would help if I could get the information I asked for: who has the plugin, who hasn't, and what versions they have. OK, I put in a user comment on the Java website.

Meanwhile, Safari warned me that a future release will disable Java. Apparently our technology is falling apart of its own weight.

Soon we'll be writing each other letters and sending them by post. Post office revenue will increase and the price of a postage stamp might even go down.

Java applet plugin firefox mac

Congress will rush to bring the Post Office back into the government so the Treasury can absorb the excess revenue. Guessing the answer to my original question: you all have the same updated versions I have, but I'm the only one who doesn't have the Java plugin. I just restarted in safe mode, and I still don't have the plugin, so it isn't in my startup apps. My next guess is that some preference file is messed up.

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Shockwave Flash For more information, visit the QuickTime Web site. LastPass Plugin 5. Garmin Communicator Plug-in Version 4. Installer Plug-in provides application installation support.

ESO Archive Frequently Asked Questions

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