Mac address bm622i march 2014

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To those who have clear knowledge of this changes we may ask you to give as a hint of what this new security authentication will be. Recently I've been receiving anonymous emails which find its way to my inbox one of those i noticed. So i open it read the content then it asking me to login to may email and change my password because someone has access to my account and made some usual activity thus from paypal to e-mail for security reason. Seems there's no problem with the e-mail as Paypal regularly send email if the notice something wrong with your account.

Then i click the lick provide on the e-mail which open a tab to a certain page looks like paypal but i quickly notice something is missing on page so i open a new tab going to Paypal. I quickly close the tab which i open first then proceed to report what i discovered. I went to search online and found similar email has been circulating around now. To everyone who has a paypal account be very careful in log in to your account make sure you are on the legit Paypal domain before log in as this kind of attack will still your personal details. Have you seen this post kind post circulating around facebook pages.

I have seen it on some of my friends page. It's just from some kind of random post which they click and now they have on there wall.

Mac address bm622i march 12222

It's a great financial loss to us. Maybe it can still be debricked using jtag and your expertise. I would like to donate, but I still am a student. I just want to learn many things.


A few months ago I was able to access some of our ISP's files and copy some of it. I was able to open some of their logs. They are using one server to update their modems.

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They had one file that they use for their application. I don't have any idea on how to open it so I use notepad and as I remember, I think they are using huawei's server?

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I really can't remember though. Take advantage and enjoy Free unlimited internet. I will be using a software that is made by yyyxxyyz edited by mahal sixthnine which makes it easier to use TURBO MODE -modem will no longer reboot upon changing macs save time. Credits for the software to:.

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Software supported modems:. Watch this video.

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Download File. Google Drive. Before asking for password.

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  • Try ko kasi to, hindi naman gumagana. Legit user naman ako gusto ko lang mabago ilang settings thru admin account. Hello, I have a preoccupation below : i have a modem huawei model : bm usb wimax and i don't arrive to crack or find the unlock, in your web site i don't find this serie BM huawei. Thanks Nb : Sorry ofr my english because i speak french.

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    This does not work for me. The download file says something about a missing dll file.


    If anyone has a solution to this please email me at franko at g mail dot com. Guys pa help naman.. I'll be asking for a detailed instruction thanks guys and it would help me alot XD. This post is just to let you know that it's already possible to hack i. I wish to change my NAT type using this method but found that it doesn't work. Is it possible to even change the NAT type anymore? I'm using a BMi with the new firmware. My old one broke and they gave me this but its NAT type 3.

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    Tried calling their hotline and they sent a tech, but they all don't know how to change the NAT type. Post a Comment. Hi guys, I just recently reviewed Globe WiMax internet service. Speed was awesome on my 1Mbps plan, but there is a catch for the Plan a month on 1Mbps net speed. I am only alloted of gb total download and upload file size limit and if I exceed in less than a month 30 day period I will be capped at around kbps net speed. Normal speed goes back on the 1st day of succeeding month.