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This is the experience of a or Macintosh. After popping in the floppy disk, the Mac Plus seems to chant to itself contentedly.

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I know the tranquility and productivity of using a floppy-only Mac. What do these two experiences have in common? Although it has significant limitations today, when System 6 can be used it is often the best System software for the job. System 6 is arguably the high water mark of s computing. System 6 supports most of the things that you want a computer to do day to day: It can connect to the Internet, print to shared printers, edit color photos, do page layout, and word process until dawn. Most System 6 Macs have support for ethernet in one form or another. Large monitors are supported by NuBus video cards — up to x in full bit color with some cards.

Under System 6. Yes, Virginia, you can edit video under System 6. Even the once-ubiquitous Zip drive works. MacroMaker, available on the Tidbits disks, is a system-level macro recording and playback engine.

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This means that any application can be automated, unlike AppleScript, which requires application-level support. Editing the Finder preferences file with ResEdit allows the activation of several undocumented features.

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  2. R 3.5.0 is released! (major release with many new features)?
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  7. ResEdit Reference, published by Addison-Wesley, describes this and several other undocumented features. System 6 is an excellent platform for high-performance word processing. Microsoft Word 5. As John Allan describes in Turbo Six Hotrods , the extreme bootup speed of a fast Mac with System 6 makes it excellent for creative writing.

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    The computer can be up and running before your fleeting ideas escape. Accessing the Internet is easy with System 6. MacWWW download is the only System 6 compatible browser currently available. The pickle has compiled a great list of pointers for those wanting to get their System 6 machines on the Web. Despite its many advantages, System 6 does have a few disadvantages that show its age.

    Fortunately, System 6 has had a strong user community online. You can find updates on her studio practice and motherhood tejanastories. The duo eventually found their way to the Oak Cliff area of Dallas in where they continue to cohabitate and collaborate. Their often auto-biographical work reveals interest through the exploited humor and beauty of loved ones and themselves.

    They shamelessly admit to using unflattering portraiture to explore their vision of reality, and of course admit to using mockery as a devise. For this installation she focuses on the ass, an overly fetishized icon, to address themes of power, labor, sexuality, and the gaze. As a child she spent the majority of her time drawing, painting, and creating play-doh sculptures. After graduating from McDonogh 35 Senior Highschool in she became a student at Dillard University where she completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in During her time at Dillard she was introduced to interdisciplinary practices which broadened her range of working between mediums.

    A Program which served as a pivotal point to her career as a professional practicing and working artist. A from Southern Methodist University in She currently lives and works in Dallas, TX. According to Drucker, there are few older transgender individuals to look towards as role models. Her work with Flawless Sabrina investigates this legacy of queerness, which remains largely overlooked.

    the cutest party foods for kids - Oh Joy!

    Zackary Drucker is an independent artist, cultural producer, and trans woman who breaks down the way we think about gender, sexuality, and seeing. According to Butler, gender identity — like identity in general — is not ontologically or biologically given but performative. The artistic practice of Hannes Egger is linked to an essentially conceptual approach aimed at engaging and interacting with the public. His performances, installations and participatory projects invite people to adopt an unusual attitude or viewpoint, in order to reflect on our surrounding reality and the way we share the spaces we inhabit.

    His concept of art does not refer to an opus in the most traditional sense, but consists of creating situations of an open and in-progress platform, to see how these situations will develop once the audience participates. Egger often provides some coordinates or instructions to follow, and thus turns the action of the participant into the artwork itself.

    The group invites the public to print out, copy, share, distribute, wheat paste, and disseminate their posters, available at fiercepussy. Formed in New York City in through their immersion in AIDS activism during a decade of increasing political mobilization around gay rights, fierce pussy brought lesbian identity and visibility directly into the streets. Low-tech and low budget, the collective responded to the urgency of those years, using readily available resources: old typewriters, found photographs, our own baby pictures, and the printing supplies and equipment accessible in our day jobs.

    Many other women came to an occasional meeting, and joined in to wheat paste, stencil and sticker. Kris Grey is a New York City based transgender artist who uses their body as raw material, often presenting themselves in states of extreme vulnerability as an invitation to experience transcendence or discover hidden queer histories. They perform, teach, and exhibit work internationally.

    Asian males have been regarded as effeminate and even sexless in Western society, making them invisible. As a queer Asian, Lee has ambivalence toward images of masculinity in mass media: the socially constructed ideal of a hairy muscular white man. While, in comparison, Asian men are desexualized in the West, Lee resists this ideal.

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    He promotes visibility through performance, exposing his body, personal desires, and fetishes. He makes performance, installation, text, and video that probes the relationship between societal fringes and normativity in order to increase the visibility of marginalized groups. LEE received his M. Her work explores black identity informed by the effects that regulated systems of oppression have on black women, specifically. Through visual media, installation, and performance, her hope is to reclaim and dismantle stereotypes surrounding black female identity through the reworking of conventional art forms and mundane objects — ultimately reshaping the context of spaces where the lives of the oppressed are silenced and celebrated in the same breath.

    Outside of creating her own work, LeSeur has made notable contributions to the arts through her active participation in curating exhibitions and workshops for women of color that speak to the power in existing through expression in a world that shuns black women for these exact actions. Through generative experimentation across painting, printmaking, and sculptural processes, Leslie Martinez traces and expands the poetic nuances and perceptual shifts between queerness, hybridity, and placelessness through visual and material state change.

    Giving form to the space between the physical fact of the body or place and the boundlessness of the spirit allows the work to embody its own multivalent non-binary position as somewhere outside of or in between intentions. These methods and desires for the work emerged slowly over time looking closely at the poetic life cycles and survival strategies of camouflage, molt, radar, and echolocation in bats, moths, and scorpions as metaphors for navigating internal and external experiences of queerness through the subtle boundaries between abstraction and representation.

    Earlier this year, Leslie was an Artist-in-Residence at Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson where they began large scale works for forthcoming shows in , a solo show in Dallas and their first museum group show at Phoenix Art Museum.

    The University of British Columbia Athletics

    The one-of-a-kind replicas are scaled up in size and contain revised text to give Salvadorans greater political protections. He acquired the original passport in response to changing immigration policies that are threatening the temporary legal status Central American immigrants have had for the past two decades. Jonathan Molina-Garcia b. His projects are committed to experiments in sharing. Primarily a collage artist, his mediums of interest also include time-based actions — performance art and video documentation; book-making and labor crafts.

    He is the recipient of the Nasher Microgrant and has been awarded various other developmental grants from organizations including the artist-run Art Tooth gallery, the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, and The Dallas Museum of Art. Playing Buster Keaton, as a queer mediumistic ghost, she attempts to blur the arbitrarily divided histories of high and low art. Using optical printing, hand painting, drawing, and frame-by-frame animation to summon the materiality and physicality of the clown, the surface of the film explodes through tactile interventions.