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It is extremely convenient and quick. Elmedia Player is one of the most functional players for the Mac platform with a number of unique features. In addition to supporting multiple formats, the app allows you to download video from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. By the way, while using Elmedia Player, the volume of the video can be adjusted independently of the system volume, that can be rather handy. One more feature worth noting is that Elmedia Player has a built-in function to create one or series of screenshots at a specified interval.

In short, download streaming video, download video and audio from YouTube, configure audio, create screenshots, stream to Apple TV and some others. All this and even more is perfectly gathered in one app called Elmedia Player. It should be noted that this app would be interesting, first of all, to those users who use Apple's Mac technology and who have many different devices, accounts, and drives, as SyncMate allows you quickly and conveniently to copy data and synchronize all the information between them all.

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You can synchronize contacts, messages, videos , any files and folders, iTunes, Photos albums, bookmarks, and reminders plus a bunch of other content from your mobile devices to the Apple Macintosh computer. Besides that, the app makes it possible to read, send and even delete SMS messages as well as allows you to see the history of calls. The most important is that the process of synchronization and copying of the data is done automatically and in the background. SyncMate is a practical and convenient solution as you no longer have to install many individual applications. The app allows you to seamlessly work with all the supported devices iPhone and Apple iPad, another Apple MacBook or computer, external drives, cameras and other media devices.

In addition, SyncMate has the possibility of local content exchange without loading it into the cloud that ensures the protection of personal data. Airy is an advanced alternative to the traditional ways of downloading YouTube content through a browser and besides that it provides you with more possibilities. With the help of Airy, you can download not only videos but also playlists, as well as the entire channels.

Even more, the app allows downloading both protected videos, and those that have an age restriction. The software is fully compatible with the iPhone and iPad. By the way, the app can be integrated directly into the browser. Folx is a convenient torrent client. Folx is implemented in a modern interface with resolution support for Retina displays and offers a unique system for sorting and storing downloaded files with preview capability. With the help of Folx, you can restore the interrupted downloads, split the download into several threads, regulate the speed, assign tags to the downloaded file, make notes for the file.

The app has a great filter for sorting allowing you easily find any of the downloaded files on your Macintosh Apple machine. Thanks to its own plugin and extensions, it is possible to automatically intercept links from web pages. Folx Pro includes all the necessary set of functions for downloading and creating torrent files, provides access to the scheduler, can integrate downloaded files into the iTunes library, supports search by torrent trackers, allows you to download video and audio and save passwords for websites.

In other words, the app allows you to download content simply and intuitively. Cargo VPN completely encrypts all your traffic, so the possibility of losing your personal data tends to zero.

Macintosh - Wikipedia

The main advantage of this app is a large number of servers in different countries all over the world. Moreover, the app itself will suggest you which server it is best to connect to at the moment, in order to ensure the stable Internet connection. Even more, Cargo VPN makes it possible not to lose the connection speed, so you do not need to worry about that. Also, you can select one of the four VPN connection protocols. Each of the protocols can find a use for different purposes. The app is compatible with macOS and iOS. Evolution of Apple logo. From to , Apple experienced dramatic changes.

As you see, the Apple collection of devices is huge and they are not planning to stop. Here are some Apple commercials Apple has always been very creative in making commercials. How to shoot with Depth Control on iPhone — Apple. Introducing iPhone XR — Apple. Collection of recommended apps Here is the list of top solutions for the fans of Apple technologies. Commander One Requirements: macOS Version 1. CloudMounter Requirements: macOS Version 3. PhotoBulk Requirements: macOS Version 2. Uplet Requirements: macOS Typeeto Requirements: macOS Version 7.

The shareholders meeting literally set the stage for Steve Jobs to show off his signature flair for drama. It was also the first Mac to include a cooling fan. The machine had a modular case and strong expandability, and unlike the original Mac models, it split the case and monitor into separate pieces. Credit: Wikimedia.

Apple went back to its roots in with the Mac Classic. Of course, the low price came at a trade-off, leaving the Mac Classic under-powered for its time.

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The s were a dark time for Apple, as the company struggled with poor management and fierce competition. The Quadra represents just one of many Mac desktop lines that the company tried to throw against the wall. This particular model had the dubious distinction of being able to switch between vertical tower and landscape desktop modes. Credit: All About Apple. Next: Powerbook In retrospect, it does feel quite ahead of its time, though. Some of we current Mac users have taken to using our computers as our main device for watching content, with some even going so far as to cancel their cable subscriptions and switch to all digital.

Bland desktops like this one represent the struggling state Apple was in as it tried to rediscover its roots. Oddly enough, it was designed by Jony Ive, the Apple designer that would go on to achieve rock star-level recognition under Jobs.

It certainly was a new product type, just not a good one. Andy Hertzfeld told us that he hated the computer when it came out. Next: iMac. The original iMac is the second-most important Macintosh that Apple released. Jobs needed a hit to prove that Apple was still in the game, and this was it. Next: Power Macintosh G3. The Power Macintosh G3 also introduced an interesting swinging door design that provided easy access to the logic board.

Credit: Mac Users Guide. Next: iBook. Next: PowerMac G4 Graphite.

The MacBook (and MacBook Air) after 25+ years

After making a splash with the bright colors of the iMac, Apple dialed back its design language with machines like the graphite PowerMac G4. Next: PowerMac Cube. The machine was over-priced, suffered from production flaws, and was prone to overheating. Credit: John G. Next: PowerBook Titanium.

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This was the pinnacle of the pre-Intel era. Next: iMac G4. The design was short-lived, but it had surprisingly strong adoption among small businesses. Next: PowerBook Aluminum.

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Apple first switched to aluminum with the release of its inch and inch PowerBooks in The inch version managed to feel both compact and powerful, while the inch was enormous nearly to the point of ridicule. Next: PowerMac G5. The PowerMac G5 was hot.

Apple's Mac through the years (pictures)

While it was hailed as one of the fastest computers on the market when it arrived, all that performance required loads of cooling. Next: iMac G5. The overall form of the iMac G5 has lasted for nearly a decade.