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Lisa 2 [2]. Macintosh [3]. Macintosh XL [4].

The Power Mac G4 Cube

Macintosh Plus [5]. Macintosh Ke [6].

Power Mac g3/4 case mods

Macintosh Classic II Performa PowerBook Macintosh Color Classic Performa Performa PowerBook c. Macintosh LC PowerBook B. Macintosh Color Classic II. PowerBook Duo PowerBook Duo c. Macintosh LC Performa Performa Macintosh Centris Workgroup Server Workgroup Server 95 [7]. Macintosh Quadra AV.

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Macintosh Centris AV. Macintosh Quadra Performa Performa Power Macintosh Power Macintosh Performa Performa [8].

Xbox-intosh & An Atom-based Cube

Network Server [9]. Power Macintosh G3 Beige.

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There are several on the market, sold as kits that include a motherboard, CPU, case and a small external power brick. Owners have to add a solid-state drive and RAM. Because the micro PCs are so small, they tend to be underpowered compared to bigger desktop machines. But what they lack in computing power, they save in electrical power: Most draw less than watts. The Clover bootloader is another big development. A bootloader is a piece of software that loads the operating system.

Hackintosh Os

After a Software Update, the ID has to be added again if the update altered the kernel. By far the most popular Hackintosh project is updating a classic Apple machine — adding new guts to an older case. See the gallery for notable examples.

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Yet the Cube is still beloved by many. Not only are the cases distinctive, the doors make customizing them very easy. This is a water-cooled PowerMac G5. The coolant loop includes three beefy fans to dissipate heat.

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The original G5 ran so hot it had nine fans. Today in Apple history: iPhone 3G brings a big speed boost.

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