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AudioToolbox 1. NetFS 3. B09, 2 processors, Intel Core 2 Duo, 2. What version of MTR? How far into the movie does it crash? DOes it consistently crash in the same place? Thanks for the comments. The movie crashes at start - always. Will have to look at other rippers - any recommendations?

Thanks to all. Worked great.

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Would be interested to understand how you get DVDSmith ripped files to work. The only thing i have come across once or twice is that neither mtr 2. Might well be that they went through and ripped the content but it then failed to play…. Darby67 May 5, , pm 2. Plex bombs out trying to play a DVD menu it cant handle at the moment.

Either because Mac The Ripper aint ripping the menu correctly, or because of a bug in Plex.

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And very likely the latter. I know the devs have it on the horizon to increase the stability of these menus, but no timeframe for a fix can be given at the moment. I would recommend making that specific movie into a MKV, or try ripping with another ripper to see if it works better. Darby67 May 6, , pm 6.

MTR 2. I dropped a note to them and got a prompt response: 1. There's nothing on the web site to indicate this. All it says is that Obviously the automatic updater does not recognize the version of the OS and act accordingly. If you download from their web site, it gives you 1. Yes, I had the same problem. Launch Ripit 1. Switch to my administrator account; Re-install my 1. Go to website; download 1. Assumed this was an indication that there was some corruption in my system, so I tried Disk Utility -- all OK.

Tried DiskWarrior -- minor problems fixed. Install 1. Launch; Crash. Check the website for anything between 1. Download and install 1. Launch; OK.

Crash - Desktops & Laptops - Plex Forum

Until I read Larry Rosenblum's note, I thought I still had some corruption in my system, and I would at some time have to reinstall everything to avoid it becoming worse. Thanks a lot, Little App Factory, for not stating this required Mavericks and not having the in-app update check for the OS version and not having the app check for the needed OS version when it launches.

Can I send you a bill for my wasted time? Re: Yes, I had the same problem. I'm not sure what's going on there. When I got the in-app update dialogue box, it clearly stated, in red type, that it required OS David Fink was complaining about 1. Bugfixes Version 1. Fixed a bug that caused the compress feature to get stuck in an endless download loop. Apparently, these folks have lost the handle on their products website.

Hoping their programming skills are more accurate than TLAF website maintenance? Yes, now it states that The notice did not state that several days ago -- Little App Factory has gotten a lot of complaints.

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That notice comes from Little App Factory's site, not from Ripit, as verified by the fact that the notice has the release date of the new version. RipIt is a convenient tool for backing up commercial encrypted DVD video discs. The problem with RipIt is that the files it generates are not generally compatible with Toast Titanium, a popular Mac program for burning DVDs and other tasks. DVD2One was last updated in That's a lot of money for a one-trick-pony at least for me that I might use on rare occasions when I want to take a backup copy of a DVD on a business trip, for example.

Remastering, transcoding, reformatting, etc. Also look into Burn. Toast has declined in compatibility since V. This has always worked for me when the RipIt file fails to be recognized.

I have no affiliation with MDRP, just a satisfied customer, etc. You can use a demo for 5 rips if you want to check it out. Do a Get Info on the file, and change the extension to. I don't understand the fuss about Ripit and Toast. If you uncheck the "use.

Alternatively, just toss those files into Handbrake and at the expense of a bit of image quality negligible, to my eyes , you have a much smaller file you can cart around on an iPad or play through AppleTV. RipIt dvdmedia folders can be converted to regular folders by simply removing the. I don't use Toast, but that should be enough to make everything work.