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Part 1: How to Cut a Video in VLC Alternative - Filmora Video Editor
  1. How to cut/edit/trim videos in vlc on mac?
  2. Part 1. Cut video with VLC for Windows
  3. More Tips: How to Cut Video with VLC Alternative - TunesKit Video Cutter
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  5. Edit Video with VLC - Cut/Trim/Merge Video in VLC

As we mentioned before, "Add text" in VLC needs to be improved.

How to Cut/Trim Video Clips in VLC

Besides, splitting video is not that easy to operate in VLC. Given the editing features VLC lacks, another easy video editor needs to stand by. VideoProc is a good alternative. Jordi was an amateur tech enthusiast, but now an editor who has published hundreds of stories covering video editing, hardware acceleration, software review and how-tos. He is more like a "tech support" with adventurous soul, eagerly grabbing cutting-edge video technologies off in a professional yet easy-to-understand way. Enjoys gliding, diving, etc. VLC hidden video editing features Click the links below to jump to your most interested part.

Part 1: How to edit video with VLC player? Part 2: Need editing features VLC doesn't have? See a beginner-friendly alternative. Free Download For Win 7 or later. MPEG Streamclip www. MacBH macrumors May 17, 3, 1, Gwendolini said:. MacBH said:.

How to cut/edit/trim videos in vlc on mac?

Because they have different purposes. Something like that. And it is a lot harder to support video extensions than it looks, as the codec used inside that extension container is not easily visible upon first look. One shoe size does not fit all applications well. Fitting Video into distribution channels is much much more complex than images. Many compromises. That would be fine by me and many others, but different formats offer different capabilities, sadly a format offering all capabilities will not offer them sufficiently well.

It's like with all the different kinds of tapes and optical media from the past. Why one standard when several bring in more money? I don't understand much in video, but all I understand is the lossy compressed and lossless. Otherwise all videos look the same to me, and give you headache when using different players as some won't play, some will stutter, some just audio, and some video with no audio.

Whats the advantage in that?! Reactions: MacBH You only see, what is being delivered to you, and that is most of the time compressed video and audio encapsulated in a format of the distributor's liking. You have to ask the distributor, why it chose. As mentioned before, different formats offer different possibilities, even ones with DRM involved or multiple audio tracks and subtitle tracks.

Part 1. Cut video with VLC for Windows

Maybe all those files will be a thing of the past once streaming becomes more ubiquitous. Maybe read up on the different formats on Wikipedia and get an understanding, what each of the offers and what each of them does not offer. Show hidden low quality content. Works on YouTube, too. I was able to use this feature.

Unfortunately, the clip it created leaves off many seconds of the video!

More Tips: How to Cut Video with VLC Alternative - TunesKit Video Cutter

I have tried it multiple times. The video is in MP4 format, so this may be an issue of VLC waiting for the next full frame in the content. This is a fantastic facility, BUT there is a problem! The only way to get rid of it that I have found is to boot into Safe mode, and delete it that way. VLC is just the best thing. Thanks and congratulations for making this useful program that helped me a lot in these 10 years of use. My controls are not operating this way.

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I have been trying to find a way to ask the forum for help and there is not an obvious way. Not sure I can agree this is awesome. A youtube video of using this would be desireable. A couple of years ago, I could cut videos perfectly with VLC, but now the result is a video trimmed without sound. What is the problem? It happens to someone else?

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I have the latest version installed in Windows Thank you very much, Sergei. Same thing with latest VLC. Yes it works …. Is there a bug.

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Just cut the end off a video for the first time. It works great. BUT, when the new video ends, it shoots right back into my video file so all my videos are listed and playable. How do I stop that happening. So, you are saying it is opening up other video files?

Maybe you can try putting the one that you are trying to share on a separate folder?

Edit Video with VLC - Cut/Trim/Merge Video in VLC

All I wanted to do was trim a second or two out of the original clip. I cannot seem to do this. I can extract portions of a clip to make new clips, but I cannot trim a clip. Wow this was so easy … Got it right the first time … Shortened a 60 minute video which I only needed the first minutes.. Went to my Video Files ,.. Same problem, I was able to crop the video but there is no image just a black screen and sound on the cropped video. I wish it was as easy as it shows in that video lol But for some unknown reason the webm file that i try an convert gets changed to MKV and then wont play in VLC if anyone has some advice as to how this could be resolved that would be awesome.

I shall in the meantime continue searching for a solution. Did you try editing the videos that you were successful with to see whether you get the same result? What should I do?

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I want to perform a very simple task i. I want to crop a section B to C lasting 30sec and then further down another section D to E lasting 45sec and then one more section K to L that lasts 45 sec.